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Don't Drink The Water

The inaugural issue of "State" magazine arrived today. It's the new quarterly publication from Oklahoma State. That mustached dude, clad with an orange hat, was on the cover. Cowboy stared at him all glossy eyed forever and then he read this magazine cover to cover, completely ignoring my need for a scratch behind the ear. Next thing I know he's scaring me to death, blaring the CD player, hopping around the house and shouting "Go, Go, Go Pokes, Go Pokes, Go Pokes Go!" He followed that up with some Toby Keith song.

He was downstairs doing some laundry and I hopped up on the coffee table to smell the cookies he had there and saw the magazine. Listen to some of this:
"Orange is getting goosebumps when hearing 'Here Comes Bullet!'"
"Orange is spending more on body paint than food for the week."
"Orange is singing the Alma Mater with ... your family."
"Orange is proud and immortal."

After all these years you'd think I'd be used to it. But I must ask, what in the Sam Hill are they doing to these kids? I can't quite figure it out. All this over the receipt of a magazine? And those quotes - that's like crazy talk. It must be the water in Stillwater or some concoction spewing out of Theta Pond.

I might be able to blog, but I'm still dependent on Cowboy to fill the water bowl. If I ever start acting all crazy, please tell the vet to check for some Pistol Pete, orange-looney potion.


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