Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Random Thoughts On Oct. 10, 2011

Happy Columbus Day!

I have the day off from work. Met friends for lunch, had a volunteer meeting at 1:15 and another volunteer board meeting at 5 p.m. Mixing in some errands and other fun in between.

How the heck are you? Hope life is treating you well and that you are daily mixing in some errands and fun between each of your daily activities.

Where do I even begin while keeping it a short post. My Gabster is doing well. An absolute loving, entertaining, awesome little monster. I'm a blessed. Sexy Lady is about to pop out a second baby. A boy. On 11/11/11. MMcB has two kids. Both girls. Those are two of the key players of the last several years. Life is generally good!

I thought of you as I noticed a person gaining a little steam in presidential politics. I remember telling you about this bigwig back in 2007. He had a governance role in my company at that time. Hmmmm. If he was to win the nomination, maybe I should post a sign indicating he once rode in my car! Or maybe I'd have to donate the PT to the Smithsonian. Ha! Here's the original post: http://eponinealittlemonster.blogspot.com/2007/10/driving-along.html. I suddenly feel a sudden urge to order a pizza.

I promise to post a pic of my little monster Gabrielle sometime soon and include a few more details. Miss you.

Lazy Summer

It wasn't really ... but that just seems like a good header for a blog post. Gabby has done her fair share of cat nappin' this summer. It's in her job descritpion, though. She's really good at.

It's been a great summer. VERY hot, but great nonetheless. I think I read that it was like the fourth hottest in the Kansas City area in like 40 years. Or something like that. I might be totally wrong, but it's a good story.

Gabby and I did not go in to check her weight out on her anniversary. July 24, by the way. Three years! Back then she was 3.5 pounds. I have a feeling she's clearly over eight now. It's all good. Again, eating all the good, gluten-free food also is in her job description. She regularly gets glowing reviews/appraisals from everyone.

Her annual actually is in September. Back in 2007 the doc made us wait until she topped four pounds before she got all her shots. Ended up being late September. Funny ... my Ep picked me Sept. 20.

Take care.

It's Time To Vote Again

Have I told you before that my Gabby is a cuddler? She actually makes me chuckle at her hard work and effort to snuggle. My Eponine was an observer and director. Gab wants to touch and get up close. No complaints here about either behavior. I'm blessed.

I think I've told you before about the FuzzyFotosKC contest. It's fun looking at the pics. However we are sorely not very well represented this year in the feline department. Bunny is worth checking out, though, as well as the other little monsters. The stories are great to read too.

Here's a link to the pics and the voting. All dollars donated benefit No More Homeless Pets KC and the Kansas City Free Health Clinic. Go look at the pics!


Can't believe it's already the middle of June. I know it's cliche' but geez it sure seems like this year is zooming by at a high warp speed.

I said that the other day to my third-grade ESchramwich. She replied "Well, it felt like I was in third grade forever." She'll be in fourth come this fall.

Work is going OK. Not high stress or freaking out on anything. However, it hasn't been without drama. Contract employees have been the current challenge. They're a very interesting part of our workforce.

Attended a Hispanic Scholarship program Thursday night, June 17. It was cool watching outstanding Kansas City-area students. Made me very proud. Oh, and the U. of Kansas President was in the audience. After the program I made it a point to thank her for any effort to keep the Big 12 together. Although I still think it's inevitable that eventually consolidation will happen. Until then.

Recently completed a 4,800-mile roadtrip with my mother. Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Bakersfield, San Jose, Berkeley, Sacramento, California mountains, Reno, Elko, Salt Lake City, Laramie, Cheyenne, Denver, Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Kansas City was the general route.

It was an awesome trip and a wonderful memory. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It included seeing family, attending a niece's graduation from Cal-Berkeley, and lots of sight seeing. Returned home on Memorial Day. Just a fantastic start to what I hope will be a super summer. For you too.

Random Thoughts On May 7, 2010

Gabs and I are enjoying the new fridge. We really shouldn't have gone as long as we did with an energy-guzzling, broken seal, jacked-up fridge.

Just returned from a five-day Chicago trip. Three days for work and two full days of play. My first extended-stay visit there since the early '80s! Although I have been there in the '90s for two different weddings and then last visited (outside of the airport) in the '00s for a one-day meeting and then again in 2005 when Oklahoma State was in the Sweet 16.

At first I didn't think I liked Chicago. When I arrived I could tell it just wasn't D.C. -- a city I really do enjoy. But as it came time to head to the airport I certainly wasn't ready to leave. The feet ached from all the walking. I sure did enjoy though. Did purchase a couple new pairs of shoes. And of course ate out way too much. It was a nice trip. And the weather was perfect. One thing I discovered is that the car/pedestrian relationship there is very adversarial. I found it a challenge and entertaining.

Gabby was super glad to see me once I returned. Even the neighbors that rarely speak to me asked me "Where have you been?" while I was out working in the yard Wednesday night. So, maybe I was gone a little long.

My niece, Ton, is pregnant. I'm happy for her. I can't believe I'm going to be a great uncle ... again! I think she told me the baby is due in August. Or sometime. I can't remember for sure right now.

Big plans for Mother's Day? Mom and I are planning a trip soon. Today, I received a letter she sent to me but evidently it was misdirected and sent to someone else. Someone in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. I know this because Mom's letter arrived to my door inside a UPS envelope from this person in Illinois. Her original letter was opened and included some money. She said "to help pay for the trip." She cracks me up for sending me money. Cash even. But even more important, I'm so glad this person forwarded it to me!

Going through the Chicago airport I was carrying a small shopping bag with some tourist pictures that I had taken at the Willis/Sears Tower, postcards and a newspaper. While removing the laptop, shoes, belt, liquids, etc.... and then replacing it all and moving on, I forgot the clear bag.

While waiting on my flight I decided to start writing postcards. That's when I discovered the bag was missing. I was mad at myself. After pouting for a bit I decided to exit the secure area and go back through security. That's right ... remove the belt, shoes, liquids and all again. I asked about the bag, was directed to a security booth (actually didn't have to go through security again), asked the security person in the booth and there it was ... my bag!

There are days that I feel very blessed. Then there are other days that I feel incredibly lucky and extremely blessed.

This One's For You

Here's a post for you.

Had a super swamped day this past Sunday. The Sears dudes delivered a new fridge to the casa early on ... they pulled up before 8 a.m. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what the heck was happening when the truck pulled up on a Sunday morning. Then painted in the kitchen some, did laundry, mowed, grocery shopped (to stock the new fridge) ... tons accomplished. It was a good day.

I told a friend I'd help out and mow her lawn some. She's actually moved away and has her home on the market. However, I just haven't had much time to get over to her place to mow. I might have biten off more than I can chew.

I can't stand Derek on DWTS. Ick. Don't like Jake either.

The new fridge is awesome. Gab is pleased with how fresh it keeps her moist food. She's very pleased.

Is It Really March 28, 2010?

Gabrielle and I are doing well. Keeping busy and having fun along the way. Generally life is good. After a what seemed like a longer and harder winter than average for Kansas City, Gabby and I are ready for spring. Noticed the daffodils in the backyard for the first time just yesterday. Very nice.

Gab likes to step outside with me. She runs to the garage door when I come home and then we stroll out to get the mail. Sometimes I worry because that may be part of the reason she lost her first humans. Who knows for sure? But so far she is very diligent to come back in with me when I call her. She's actually kinda like a canine in that regard. She's lying near me snoozing as I type.

I think I've told you before that she's a cuddler. Her company is enjoyed. She loves to play with her cat toys and often can be found tossing them up and down the hallway or down into the living room. She's a good eater and in good health. This summer we will have been together for three years. Really!

We've had fun watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Gab doesn't seem to like basketball as much as Eponine did, but nonetheless we've had fun watching it. The one year I didn't bank on Michigan State they make the Final Four. Again. Geez. I anticipated No. 1 seeds not advancing, but I picked many of the wrong upsets. Should end up being a crazy semis and finals.

The pic above was one I took prior to the Big 12 Tournament. It was back in Kansas City in 2010 and will return here in 2011. It's always a great time. The regular gang from Oklahoma did not come up this year, but the Schrammies and other friends attended games with me. Although my Cowboys only won one game in the Big 12 (and none in the NCAA), it was a good Big 12 Tournament. Having Kansas State and Kansas in the championship added an extra level of excitement for folks in this area.

How are you doing? I hope you are well. Althought I don't post often, I do often think of you. Talk to you soon.

It's Halloween!

Gabby and I are ready for some ghouls and goblins. Hoping that many stop by the casa this evening. The candy and snacks are loaded and stacked neatly by the door. Now we just need to doorbell to start dinging.

Unfortunately, they'll be stopping by during my Cowboys big game against Texas. It's in Stillwater, Halloween night, orange and black and ...... geez. This could be a really big win. Or a heart breaker. Or a blowout. All I can say is GO POKES! Beat Texas!!

A 7 p.m. game time sure makes the day drag along. All I can think about is wishing I was in Stillwater.

My friend Toby's birthday was yesterday. He would have been 45. He's still missed.

Went to a party last night. A coworker and husband hosted. Lots of fun costumes and predictable ones ... gangstas, witches, nuns, vampires, rockers ... sexy and scary .... fun and silly. I was a banana.

Sexy Lady sent Gab and me some tasty bread she made. Yummy! Pumpkin/zucchini. Just 24 hours later and there's only two slices left. That Gabby just can't curb her appetite.

Mom turns 82 today. Happy Birthday! And Happy Halloween!!

Random Thoughts On Oct. 21, 2009

Still alive. Sorry for the vanishing act.

Gasoline has slowly been crawling upward. Sitting around $2.49 right now.

Gabs is doing great. We were a little sad at her annual. It was in September. She's been working hard to top 8 pounds. Didn't happen. Only about 7.5 pounds. She's accepted the fact that she might always be little. I've accepted the fact that she deserves more gluten-free moist food.

In typical fashion, my Cowboys beat Georgia in the season opener and left me all hopeful. Garnered a No. 5 ranking. Then went off and lost to unranked-at-the-time Houston. It's been an upward climb. The Homecoming win over MU was nice. Especially since the "stars" are not playing. The team is stepping up their game. It all likely means they'll go off and lose to Baylor this week. Or get blown out 65 to 3 against Texas on Halloween night.

Went to D.C. in September. A great trip.

My nephew and sister was in KC in October. A great visit. I've been missing them lately. Took them to visit Eponine's grave. They laughed at me a little, but also appreciated me.

Kristin won the Emmy! I still can't believe it.

Work is OK. A weird bag of politics, tasks, deadlines ... you know the routine. Plugging along.

Annual charity gala for Spofford this past Friday night was very successful. Lots of fun. I accidentally won a live-auction item. Very Seinfeld like.

That's all for now.

One More Angel In Heaven

My friend Kim's son passed away on Tuesday. Just typing those words makes me horribly sad. He was 11. He had a rare brain tumor/cancer and had received the diagnosis more than a year ago. It was uncertain that he would battle on this long, but fight he did.

Hope is what his family and friends did. It has been a huge reminder to me that no matter how bleak a situation may appear, one must never give up hope. We must do all we can to diligently work hard to change a diagnosis, a situation, a matter. Move heaven and earth. Do all we can to make it happen. We can't let anyone build a fence around us.

And the story doesn't end there .... about two years ago Kim battled a bout with breast cancer and within the last 10 days was in surgery for colon cancer and reportedly went back into surgery on Tuesday.

Your thoughts and prayers for Kim, her husband Ken, their son Caleb, and their three sons Jacob, Seth and Luke, are cherished.

Give your loved one an extra hug in Caleb's memory.


Pleased to congratulate Kristin Chenoweth and Holly Hunter on Emmy nominations. Kristin, best supporting actress for a comedy series, for the now-cancelled "Pushing Daisies," and Holly, best actress for a drama series, for "Saving Grace." They are two of my favorite actresses and those are two of my favorite shows. Kristin and Holly also were nominated last year. Neither won. We'll see if their fortunes will change this year. It's an honor to be nominated, I'm sure.

Just the other day I watched the season two finale for "Saving Grace." The episode was powerfully powerful. Very gripping and emotional .... especially for someone like me who has strong feelings regarding the death penalty. Holly's performances throughout season two were very good. The episode titled "A Survivor Lives Here" was the best. My two cents.

Hard to imagine that season three is well in its throngs. Too bad I don't have cable.

I never saw the final three episodes of "Pushing Daisies." I'll have to be sure to get the DVDs. I wonder how it ends. There's rumors it could be made into a feature film to wrap up all the loose ends. I'll keep you posted.

Random Thoughts On July 19, 2009

I'm really beginning to tire of the Michael Jackson news. Admittedly, it is a freakishly interesting story. But it probably really is time to let the man rest in peace. Sadly, I know only more and more "breaking updates" are likely.

Gasoline was around $2.11-2.10 on Sunday.

Mowed the lawn, trimmed tree limbs and did other outdoor stuff all day Sunday. The entire weekend, starting on Friday, had incredibly awesome weather. Right around 80 degrees or less. I think I heard Kansas City had record lows. Considering Mom told me it was around 110 in Oklahoma the other day, I should be glad about KC's summer.

I really wanted to see Kansas City's Tom Watson win The Open Championship ...... aka the British Golf Open. He came close and had it within his grasp. It was sad to watch him lose, but I guess I am glad the tie-breaker round wasn't even close. I got excited thinking about how good I might be at my game when I'm 59. And I'm not talking about golf, but am talking about life.

The National Golf Course he designed is a stone's throw from Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens.

Looks like my favorite orange body soap by Zest is no longer available. About a year ago noticed I couldn't find it at Target anymore. Then saw at my Price Chopper grocery store that it was on sale and labeled "discontinued item." Darn. Now I might have to use blue or green bars. For whatever reason I always felt cleaner and more smell-goody clean when using orange soap.

As hinted above, trimmed the shrubs. I cut them super short all with maximum Christmas-light decorating in mind. After mentioning that to MMcB she replied, "It is good to have goals." That made me laugh.

Got to finish folding clothes and then will hit the hay.

Random Thoughts On July 14, 2009

Sorry for my absence.

Gasoline is sitting right around $2.19. I predict under a two bucks in August, but back up by Labor Day.

It sure has been hot. I've been worried about my homies in Oklahoma. Temperatures have shot well over 100 every day. I was down there a couple weeks ago and that day alone the temp guage in the car hit 106.

Received a Guam quarter the other day. So now I have a Puerto Rico and Guam. I haven't checked yet but I bet there will be a U.S. Virgin Islands and District of Columbia.

Gabby is doing great. Our two-year anniversary is quickly approaching.

Today is the anniversay of my former company dying. I guess it is my one-year anniversary with the new company. The year and the day was a mixed bag. It feels it has been mostly an uphill battle, but I think successess might be around the corner. We'll see. Nonetheless, it has been a battle.

Hope you are doing well.

Random Thoughts On June 21, 2009

Longest day of the year .... the first day of Summer ..... Solstice. I spent the entire day inside my home. Never even stepped outside. Actually, I think I did stand on the porch for a minute and look around. Decided it was to hot to do any outside work.

Did get laundry done and many other tasks in the home. Never enough though. Watched three episodes of "Saving Grace" from season 2. I don't have cable (by choice), and just purchased the dvd. Also got "True Blood." On Saturday watched four episodes from season 1.

The latter is pretty intense. Anna Paquin is a favorite. She was on NPR's "Fresh Air" earlier this month, inspiring me to purchase the DVD. It was on sale at Target for $24.99. The first Target was sold out. But now that there's four in KC's northland I just ran to another.

"Saving Grace" is just crazy. Holly Hunter has come a long way since "Broadcast News." She's so skinny. I really like her. It just dawned on me .... Holly and Anna were in "The Piano" together (both winning Oscars), a movie I very much liked. Love, Passion, Obsession. And now they both have shows on cable. That second episode of "Grace" got me a little teary-eyed.

Also mowed and many other things over the weekend. Not just tv-watching

Gasoline is around $2.39. Got to as high as $2.55. I bet it will go up again around the Fourth of July.

The Home Battle

Mowed Monday night. The front lawn is looking stellar. The back .... still just a struggle. Deer poop, moles, weeds .... it's a constant battle. I also love that the neighbors are adamant I need to trim my tree limbs that are shading their lawn too much. They say the stuff in their yard can't grow. Ooops. "Sorry," I tell them. "While you're worried about that, will you get your kids to pick up their toys and will you throw away that headless flamingo."

I've found most ant trails. I've read you can kill them inside, but until you find the trails outside, usually they'll keep coming back. I think I am finding success!

The home needs painted something fierce. What I hate about home ownership is that I want to do it all myself. When I can do it, I get all excited and knock it out. When I feel like I can do it, or feel I should be able to do it, I start to get a little hesitant. When I know that I should just hire someone to get it done, I become completely frozen. Can't decide a thing.

Meanwhile, I've got some serious wood root or one side of the home. It sucks. Makes me want to buy a condo.

At least the lawn looks good!

Random Thoughts On June 4, 2009

Had three big deadlines this past Monday. Leading up to them gave me much anxiety. Met one without too much problem. Will now await the response form the feds. Struggled quite a bit with the other two. One task was completed today, but before I left the office I found an oversight. Curses. The other task I hope to have checked off the list on Friday. The lateness is not entirely my fault. But ... the bottom line is that the deadlines were missed. Darn!

After working some this past Saturday, May 30, on those above-mentioned projects, played a little on Saturday too. Hooper's, Kohl's, Macy's and a few other stops. Then that night attended the annual Bloom Party! It's just not the same without MegMcB, but I still had a fantastic time. Saw lots of old chums. The event was at the Midland Theater downtown and was well attended. Much fun.

When I'm typing, Gab attacks me. If I make eye contact she peers into my eyes and lets out an endearing and begful "MEOWWWW!" It's like, "Pet me. Now." Then she starts to massage me. Back and forth with each paw. It cracks me up. If I blow her a kiss she responds with a "mmmrrrrowwww." She also likes to cuddle.

A co-worker was killed in a car accident earlier this week. While on his way to work. I didn't know him that well, but had interacted in several meetings. Enough that I knew he was someone I liked. According to reports, a speeding vehicle caused the accident, not the co-worker. However, it is believed the co-worker did not have on the safety belt. He was thrown from his vehicle when it flipped several times. 48, married, with children. Very sad.

Gasoline is about $2.38. One station on the trip home Thursday night was at $2.49 and another $2.42, but all the others were $2.38. The higher is a station that has no employees. Credit card only.

Thursday's weather was incredible. A co-worker and I took off at lunch and walked for 45 minutes all around downtown. It was a nice walk. Then we stopped at Subway. You guess right ... "five dollar, five dollar ....."

Hey Teresa. Welcome to KC! Missouri or Kansas?

Chillin' At Home

Gabby loves chillin' ..... usually watching me type on the computer. She's a riot. And in case you're wondering, hasn't slowed down one bit when it comes to carrying a conversation. Geez. She does understand the word "No!" She's an incredible little monster.