Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Excellent Review

Being a domestic tigress is the main goal stated on my job description. And for the last several years my reviews have been excellent. However those "other duties as assigned" I don't always perform well. For instance, I occasionally get it on the floor. I'm sure my "thinking out of the box" is refreshing.

A recent careerbuilder.com article states a Delta flight attendant lost her job maybe because of her blogging. The article's author, Kate Lorenz, writes the flight attendant started the blog to help her cope with her mother's death. She also talked about her life as a flight attendant and included pics in uniform. According to the article, Delta dismissed her for "inappropriate pictures in uniform" but didn't elaborate further.

Thank goodness the only inappropriate pictures of me in uniform are Polaroids and those are from when I was younger and friskier. Vanessa Williams, Cameron Diaz, Eponine ... we've all made mistakes. All my pics nowadays are much more serene. Besides, my job reviews are indicative that I am a top-notch performer.

I want to go on record saying that my Cowboy loves his job. I have never overheard him say one word bad about his job, employer, bosses or any co-workers. He stands behind everything they say, direct and command. He drinks the Kool-aid in large doses. He also better get his sorry tail home soon from work because I'm hungry.


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