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How Do You Mend

Some cats named Mary and Roger stopped by to see Cowboy today. They breezed in from Oklahoma to go to a race at the Lakeside Motor Speedway. I can't stand the revving up of the vacuum or the PT, so I doubt that I'd much care for the whirr of sprint cars. You never know, though, I guess.

Cowboy loves seeing Mary. They shared pictures, stories and hugs. She's known him easily since he was in fourth or fifth grade. She's endured him riding many miles in her car to numerous 4-H events and OSU activities. She's been a coach, disciplinarian, mom and friend. You should have seen him today before she arrived, just shakin' his tail with excitement anticipating her arrival. Of course he made them sit on the stairs for a photo.

August 12, 1994. That's the saddest day in his life. AJ's father called with the news. I'll never forget it. I tried so hard to comfort him, but it seemed like nothing worked. He would pet me for hours and cry the whole time.
AJ's nieces & nephewMary has always provided support and comfort. Her strength is amazing. I'm sure all these years later she likely still gets sad and thinks about what her grandchildren may have looked like, what crazy happenings AJ would have going on, or what kind of mischief only a mother and daughter could cause. She probably wants to hug her one more time.

Knowing Mary's experience is what makes Cowboy get all weepy eyed when hearing the news of loved ones losing their children while battling overseas. It breaks his heart - his heart still aches. He has learned, though, that life goes on and there are races to watch!


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