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Keep Your Chin Up

NOAA satellite image of Katrina
A post for our neighbors and their pets living along the U.S. Gulf Coast. I can't imagine having to evacuate the comfy confines of my home. The old Cowboy would have to carry me in a pillow case or cage in order to keep me calm. And then the uncertainty of what is left of your home once the storm had passed. Katrina likely will be a hurricane for the record books.

Robin on Good Morning America captivated me this morning as she reported live from Mississippi. She is from there. She had just been to visit her mother and family. Her emotion and grief were very apparent. She touched my little heart. I could tell she was feeling like "where do I even start? and "why did this have to happen?" Her strength will keep her going and will benefit her family.

I remember after the bomb blast in OKC it seemed Cowboy became even more proud of his home state. After 9/11, I heard stories of people just wanting to hug their children more. Cowboy gave me moist food this evening. My favorite.

Even cats pray ... my blessings are many. My thoughts and prayers are with the folks impacted by Katrina.


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