Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Outta Your Mind

Woke from a dream during the middle of the night the other day. I was in a deep slumber, halfway snoring but mostly purring.

It was the craziest dream. I remember seeing W shaking his tail, scurrying down the roadway at his 'hood in Crawford. He grabbed Mrs. Sheehan and they went to a private corner of the place and sat on a blanket under the shade of the lone tree in that part of Texas. They talked, he cried, they hugged and she grieved.

Suddenly, gas prices started to fall ... $2.50, $2.38, $2.25, $2.19, $2.05 - in my dream they stopped at $1.89. Next thing I knew all the troops started boarding planes, ships and trains and came home. There were celebrations worldwide. Craziest dream.

Speaking of gas prices, I don't do much driving (in case you've forgotten, I'm a cat), so I don't really stress about gas costs. But I have noticed its price does impact my treat inventory and because there's less eating out, there are more cans of tuna and soup to lick. I also have heard talk of not going to football games. There was some pounding on a calculator and some mumbling about total trip miles, average miles per gallon, costs. If Denny's brought back the Grand Slam for a $1.99 I think that would help everyone have peaceful dreams.


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