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Packing Heat

Years ago, folks at New Mexico State University decided to "borrow" the likeness of OSU's Pistol Pete. He's been the mascot of the NMSU Aggies since. Read a news storyEarlier this year, these people in Las Cruces started to debate if they wanted to keep Pistol Pete. Recently they announced the decision to confiscate his gun, drop the "Pistol" from his name, and give him a makeover. I think he looks like a member of the Village People.

I have a strange feeling you'd never hear a story like this come out of Stillwater. What do you think? More important, would Cowboy update the tattoo? By the way, the Pistol Pete in the PT wears an anti-war button. He might carry a gun, but Cowboy believes Pete's a peace monger. Cowboy's rationalizations and projections amaze me.


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