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Social Consciousness

Hot weather through much of middle America the last several weeks has led to record electricity use. New records have been set for electricity generated and consumed. With personal computers, cats blogging, everything air conditioned, microwaves, and all the other conveniences, we are truly powering up.

Cowboy loves when utility companies make alot of money and their stock prices rise. He doesn't even mind paying his high bill. However, I worry we are not doing enough to conserve in order to ensure power for years to come. You see, I plan on being around for awhile. Alot longer than Cowboy, that's for sure. I appreciate him leaving the home cool throughout the day. But for heaven's sake! I am covered in fur. I plan much of my day with the sole goal of finding the strongest sunbeams coming through a window or door. I bake and it feels so good. Do I really need the home that cool? Nightlights too so I can see while wandering at night. He's finally discovered I really don't watch tv.

Think of my future - do what you can to be energy efficient and conserve power!


At August 05, 2005 10:48 AM, Anonymous Cowboy said...

OK, you little monster, why do you insist on airing our battles publicly? Fine, I'll turn up the thermostat, and I'll turn off the nightlights except the Oklahoma State one and the sensor one near your box (I want you to see if you have to go at night). And I rode the bus to work this morning. Actually to the rental car place since my car's still in the shop. I wanted a car for the weekend.

At August 05, 2005 11:15 AM, Anonymous EEI News said...

U.S. Power Industry Breaks All-Time Record for Electricity Demand

The U.S. electric power industry has set a new record for power demand, providing 95,259 GWh for the week ending July 23, and eclipsing by 5.3 percent the previous record of 90,468 GWh set back in August 2002, according to EEI's weekly electric survey of demand.

As searing heat and humidity continue to blanket much of the country, electric companies across the country are pulling out all the stops to keep pace with surging demand.

"The fact that this country's electric companies are having to run their plants full-bore to keep up with demand underscores the need for a forward-thinking comprehensive national energy policy," said EEI President Tom Kuhn. "The legislation now under consideration by the Congress will help us meet the needs of tomorrow by ensuring continued electric reliability and attracting capital for much-needed new energy infrastructure."

Power companies across the U.S. have been working overtime to keep the lights on and air conditioners humming, and both individual utilities as well as independent grid operators, including the California Independent System Operator (CAL-ISO), the New England ISO and the New York ISO, have set new records for electricity demand.

"As the temperature continues to creep even higher, we appreciate that consumers continue to do their part by using electricity wisely," Kuhn said. "This is a critical component of ensuring that all Americans can rely on reliable, affordable power."

EEI's "Weekly Electric Output" survey, the only comprehensive report of its kind in the U.S., has been measuring electricity demand for more than 70 years and is available to EEI members and other subscribers. To learn more about energy efficiency, visit www.eei.org.


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