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Sooweee, Pig!

Have you ever participated in a hog-calling contest? Cowboy did years ago. He says he did some "Here piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy" chant. Whatever. While watching college football games on TV I've seen some of those Arkansas Razorbacks fans. They know how to call pigs.

Thursday morning Cowboy attended the Governor's Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair. He made the 70-mile trek to Sedalia with a group of co-workers. While taking the muddy walk from the parking lot to the big tent for the event he was thrilled by the site of state 4-H officers and cattle, and the smells of manure and funnel cakes - it all reminded him of his Tulsa State Fair days. The tent reminded him of church revivals back in northeastern Oklahoma.

It's widely believed that attending this breakfast is a must for anyone running for statewide office. Missouri Gov. Blunt was host and post-event press reports highlighted Attorney General Jay Nixon stating his potential plan to challenge Gov. Blunt.

Cowboy says mingling with the 700 guests were Jim Talent, Robin Carnahan, Sarah Steelman, and all the younger, politically active white kids. Cowboy noted he was the lone minority, with the exception of Lin Appling of the PSC. Not certain what it says about Cowboy that he knows who Mr. Appling is or that he's counting minorities. Also not certain what it says about Missouri politics when Cowboy's the minority at a political event.

I imagine the ham was pretty good. I don't eat it, I just lick it. The winning bid was over $6,000 for the grand champion ham. Soowee!


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