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There She Is

Thank goodness the laptop is in the bedroom and the VCR is in the living room. That silly goose Cowboy is in there watching - get ready for this - Miss Oklahoma. You read that right. While he's downstairs checking out cleavage, swimsuits and (oh yeah) talent of the Oklahoma women, I can blog without him hulking over me.

He didn't make his annual trek to Tulsa for Miss OK. Since then, he's been googling, trying to learn the competition details. Thanks to ebay, he found a video copy of the final night. Insanity, I tell you. That's money that could be going toward treats!

He says the contest provides opportunities and that it is "reality programming" long before there were "reality shows." Many of his faves never won the title - LeAnn, Samatha, Lyn, Maria, Ginger, Mia, Maya and Tamara P. He saw Debra and Dionne receive first runner-up, twice for each. Cowboy liked both a bunch. Casey was his favorite to have won but Susan, Lori Lee, Nancy, DuSharme, Kathy were all awesome . Mignon was hysterical. He never knew Shawntel. Felicia and Juli were his least favorites. Can't forget Cynthia. She was a maid of honor in a wedding that included Cowboy. He's told me stories about her.

While letting life happen to him in the '90s he quit going to Oklahoma for the contest. But he returned for the 2000 pageant to see Julie give up the crown. She was the first ever Miss Collinsville to win Miss OK. She also was an OSU student, Pi Phi, brunette, small-town girl, smart. Everything he likes. She made Top Ten in Atlantic City.

He's checking out Jenks-native Jennifer Berry now. Since Miss America was booted from network tv, he'll watch her compete in January on CMT. That's one obsessed Cowboy.


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