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Caught Red Handed

Elmo Shakes It!Brace yourself, this story is shocking.

The AP reports that Elmo, that's right, Elmo of all people (creatures, furry things, or whatever) was arrested recently. OK, it wasn't really Elmo, but an Elmo impersonator along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. "Elmo" was one of three impersonators arrested for allegedly harassing tourists for tips after posing for photos with the them.

According to the AP, "Elmo" and friends were taken into custody at gunpoint, handcuffed and paraded on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before stunned tourists and other impersonators. They were charged with misdemeanor "aggressive begging." "Elmo" says he makes up to $400 in tips every day. Evidently, the cops were doing a sting operation to curb this type of behavior. I just hope they don't ever come after other furry creatures who aggressively beg for a pat on the head and a good scratch behind the ears.


At November 01, 2005 10:38 PM, Blogger Jan said...

That's interesting.

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