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Cider House Boys

The Cider House BoysBecoming a "Schramwich" was a distinct possibility for Cowboy today. He somehow slipped through the power of the twins to remain just on the side. As always, though, he says fun times were had by all.

With their wives and the seven kids in tow, he spent essentially an entire day with them. Starting with Honey Combs and cider donuts and ending with hugs and an autographed Barry Sanders football, the day was picture perfect. In between, there were a few child squabbles and battles, lots of smiles and laughter, good conversation, time spent searching for the perfect pumpkin, Mexican food at some spot in Louisburg, work outs carrying little girls, and moments of exploration hiking around Shady Lake on the S&M Ranch. Cowboy tells me the kids were thrilled with Halloween bracelets, fish pens and an eye-popping skull. He loves it when he's popular with the single-digit aged crowd.

Check out pumpkin patch pictures
While I sniffed on the little pumpkins and the football on the floor, I glanced over at Cowboy sitting on the sofa. He looked as though he felt incredibly blessed -- and relieved he escaped the grasp of the Schramwich.


At October 24, 2005 10:48 AM, Anonymous Shelly L said...

I got caught up on the blog this morning, cute pictures…adorable kids.


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