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I Can See Clearly Now

This morning's follow-up visit to the opthalmologist proved Cowboy's Mom is doing well. She has some irritation and dryness to her eye, but she should be healing up quickly. Cowboy reports he was impressed at how many of the letters she correctly identified while going through her eye charts. However, she did say "O" for the D. He took that personally and thinks she did it on purpose.

The Brother took her to her right-eye surgery and appointments. Everyone kept asking Cowboy "you aren't the same son as the last time, are you?" He tells me he was quick to tell everyone he is the "good son." I bet his mom still was able to roll at least one of those eyes.

He says Dr. Brute Wolf (not making this up) was nice enough, informative and helpful. He actually went to OU med school with Cowboy's friends JED and Toby. That's reassuring.


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