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The final amount is revealed! Employees, companies and individual donors throughout Kansas City's five-county metro region consolidated efforts to raise $38,511,109 in this year's United Way campaign. Given how hurricanes, gas prices, and other natural disasters and events have consumed many resources, this is an amazing result.

Cowboy attended the citywide luncheon with co-workers. He tells me it was a great event. A 40-year-old gentleman who happens to work at the Salvation Army, spoke of his experiences growing up in a rough Chicago neighborhood and how people working at United Way-funded agencies literally saved his life. A story on the United Way website provides more details. (Also go to The Kansas City Star and The Business Journal sites for updates.) However, I bet Cowboy was sad he didn't drive home with a new truck.

Cowboy gives credit to 4-H (receiving funds in Tulsa County from their United Way and in Jackson County from our United Way) programs for providing a turning point in his life. There were other agencies and people as as well. He likes knowing that 38.5 million includes a donation from him. It's a thank you in many ways.

And it's not just about the kids that are helped. He says it's also the seniors that get a warm meal or chance to socialize, those starting over, those struck by disasters, and those just experiencing every day life.

Congratulations Kansas City on the goal-reaching campaign!


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