Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Time Zones And Late Nights

Megmacb is in Prague this week. Sightseeing, challenging unfriendly Czechs to take U.S. dollars, shopping, touring old places, and enjoying time away from the day-to-day stuff back in KC. She's likely eating breakfast right about now.

My Cowboy is not in Prague or eating breakfast. He's in the living room working on holiday decorations. Christmas is three weeks away and he's staying up all hours of the night trying to get a million nativities scenes in the right place, Santas on the right shelves, and the beaded garland draped the right way. Earlier tonight I looked out the window and saw him placing luminaries along the drive. It's all a little insane, I think. But I suppose Santa Claus will find it all very welcoming come Dec. 25.

By the way, LMc, the girls and Ern already have sent Cowboy a birthday and Christmas gift. I saw it sitting on the porch the other day. Those folks are on top of things. I've barely even started shopping. I can't wait to learn the name of my "Secret Paw."


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