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A Flea In Her Ear

Probably as much or maybe even more than how much my little monster - and many others out there - love moist food, this Cowboy loves some Westport Flea Market. The place has the absolute best burgers. It's a fun and interesting place too. Plus, there's Ms. Pac Man with 5 monsters and a Tommy pinball machine too.

It was all coming to end. My Eponine talked about The Flea's pending closure in a November post. Additionally, I discovered a post on blogkc.com on the same subject. A Hooter's was inevitable for Westport, one of KC's most popular "party areas."

First started hearing gossip on the street a few weeks ago. The official announcement was March 3, while today marked the first day of the new life for Kansas City's Flea. That's great news! This favorite hangout for many Kansas Citians is staying open! Some cool cat named Joe Zwillenberg bought the place. He says nothing is going to change.

My Eppy would be shakin' that tail just seeing the excitement of her crazy Cowboy. She likely also would be glad that the chances remain slim that this Cowboy will be making a visit to a Hooter's any time soon.


At March 07, 2006 8:33 AM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

Hey Cowboy... I heard the "news" about the Flea and was so excited (immediately thought of you)!! That gives us some extra time to use those coupons!! Can't wait for a juicy burger soon--are you available anytime this week?

At March 07, 2006 9:30 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

um, Mr Cowboy? You eat flea burgers?

At March 07, 2006 12:28 PM, Blogger Edsel/The Pooch said...

i don't personally care for burgers but my Mom says a great burger is hard to beat. she said next time she is in KC she'll check that place out.

btw, spring is an excellent time to get a kitty!!

At March 07, 2006 10:03 PM, Blogger amy said...

wow! sounds like a fabulous place - i lurve flea markets and when you mix that with Ms Pac Man, it's almost too much!

At March 07, 2006 10:47 PM, Blogger bat & bandit & holly said...

cowboy, we finally gots our own blog!

At March 07, 2006 10:56 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

Sorry, Sexy Lady, we'll have to meet for a burger some other time. I promise to track you down.

Hard to believe, but yes, Meezers, this Cowboy eats flea market burgers. I bet you don't have any problems with fleas, do you? I'm totally addicted to this Flea.

I bet you'd like these burgers, Edsel. But, if you're anything like my Eponine was, you'd just sniff it, maybe lick it, and then walk away.

You are so right, Amy. It is almost too much. Especially when you have a two-for-one coupon to boot!

Can't wait to look, Bat & Bandit. I'll go right now!

At March 08, 2006 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a very good surprise. I hate when one of my favorite local places closes. Hooter's can also kiss my a**!

~ tammara :-)

At March 08, 2006 11:15 AM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

Word on the street is, Hooters caved to local pressure. Enough locals were vocal enough to discourage Hooters, encourage the owner to find a local buyer, and motivate a local guy to buy.

If I was smart, I would have bought it. I can just imagine letting everyone know I quit my job to run a burger joint!

At March 08, 2006 5:04 PM, Blogger Chatham said...

The local old flea market just got bulldozed for a Wegmans market and a Target. Aren't there enough of those bullseye stores around?

At March 09, 2006 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy your stay in Dallas, Cowboy! (We certainly had some excitement last night, what with the tornado watch and howling winds - but today should be beautiful!)
~ tammara

At March 09, 2006 1:15 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

t-Are you all in Dallas or Austin?

Now chatcat, I can handle going to Target almost any day over Wal-Mart or for sure a Hooter's. But, I do agree that one on every other corner is a bit much. I'd rather go to a flea market.

By the way, the super flea on weekend's at the Tulsa Fairgrounds has the city's best cinnamon rolls.

At March 12, 2006 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cowboy - I'm actually in arlington (between FW and Dallas). I used to live in Austin - loved it there.
~ tammara

At March 13, 2006 4:50 AM, Blogger Taz n Angel said...

Our Mama is cited to go get some fleas at the market when they go to the "spot" for their hollyday. They has fleas at a market in a olden days drive-in movie theatre parking lot, where they show great big movies. The "spot" Mama and Daddy go to for hollydays is a spot with a spot pool, you know, wiff nimerals and stuff that is good for skins. Mama says there is so much nimerals its like the Dead Sea, but I don't think I'd go in anyfing that was dead... But she said you can float in the waters. wiffout knowing how to swims. And they have spot treatments like massages and stuff.

Mama likes the fleas at the market cuz she buys little tiny pitchers that go in a litty tiny black anteeek machine so she can look at the pitchers. She gotted a ton of pitchers at the market wiff fleas. But Mama doesn't buy any fleas. Why would someone want fleas???


Sorry Cowboy, Taz is confused. I tole her you don't BUY fleas at the market, they're just there to look at. Also Mama and Daddy are going to the SPA not spot. They wented last year too and also on their hunny-moon. its called a hunny-moon cuz that's what Daddy calls Mama, hunny. But I don't now what moon has to do with it. I have my guesses, but Mama says I'm not allowed to type that.... Mama used to work at a old time movie theater right afore she met Daddy and said it was her bestest job ever. She was the man-a-jer. But she's a woman so it should be called the woman-a-jer I guess. She loved it.

I hope you have fun at your flea market, but don't get any fleas, just in case you get picked by a furbaby later cuz they won't like the fleas.

What do YOU like to do at the flea market? My Mama loves everythings specially the jewelries and little pitcher reels. She calls them View Masters. Daddy likes the donuts. They have the old style drive-in foods there too. Good burgers Mama says and onjin rings.

Luv Angel

At March 13, 2006 11:43 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

I like looking at old postards, Angel, and reading what someone wrote to someone they loved, missed, or wished were with them.

Sounds like your mom and dad, angel & taz, have a fantastic flea spot. How very cool. Is it in Albuquerque? I actually have gone with my sister to one there a few times. I sunburned the back of my neck the last time. My sister lives in Santa Fe. I like the cantaloupe drink and the big sweet rolls.

Had a great time in Dallas, Tammara. Win or lose, we always have fun.

At March 14, 2006 4:44 AM, Blogger Taz n Angel said...

No Cowboy, we live in the Great White North and the Spa is in Saskatchewan, about an hour and a bit from where we live. But Mama says she would love to go out to that Santy Fay place. She says she'd like to go to Arid-zona and go to an artist colony and learn from the pros for a coupla months. But we are way far up in the Great White North, a little bit above South Dee-Coat-A Something tells me with a name like that, you prolly nead coats there but in Arid-zona I bet its real hot. Mama says yes, its hot, she been there before when she won a writing award when she was still in school 14 lifetimes ago she says.

Angel n Taz

At March 14, 2006 12:14 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

I think I must have been really tired when I posted and got you two confused with William. I think he's in New Mexico. I think.

At March 23, 2006 12:16 AM, Blogger Taz n Angel said...

I looks like William, I fink that's why



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