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War Torn

Went to a girl's apartment once while in college and after she opened the door, she greeted me saying "Excuse the place. It's Lebanon." That was her way to describe her lack of housekeeping skills. It actually was a very messy place. Although I was a well-educated college student (self proclamation), I didn't think much of her statement. But in the 1980s, times had been very tumultous for Lebanon.

Strange now are the scenes on Nightline, the papers and other outlets that make me think of this girl and how she described her place. I casually dismissed the description 20 years ago and was just amazed a girl kept her place so messy. The scenes I see now seem so destructive and sad.

We had assigned seats in the class I was in this week. A co-worker I had never met before was next to me. I noticed his distraction and his checking out various "Arabic-looking" websites. I later discovered his daughter was in Beirut visiting her uncle and grandparents. She was born in the Kansas City area and has lived here her whole life. His daughter's safe departure from Lebanon was finally arranged. She should be flying home this weekend via Paris. The co-worker's nephews have not been evacuated yet. Although they have legal U.S. green cards, they were prevented from joining the U.S. evacuees.

I hope whatever lessons that need to be learned are someday learned, and that all arrive home, wherever home is, safely.


At July 22, 2006 12:29 AM, Blogger Astrogirl said...

My husband travelled quite a bit as a child. His father was in the Air Force and was stationed over in Turkey. My husband just loved the experience and still talks to it this day. He told me that the highlight of his entire stay was a trip throughout the Holy land. He said that he got to see Lebanon before the war and said that it was the most beautiful country that he had ever seen. He's always heart-broken when he sees pictures on the news of what's left.


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