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Goal Is Set

Kansas City's United Way campaign is in full force. The officical citywide campaign start took place in September. The kickoff breakfast was a great, rah-rah event that was designed to fire up the team.

My co-workers and I walked over to the Marriott for the breakfast. Everyone seemed to enjoy and left feeling part of a greater effort that truly impacts our community. That's always good. The link above is to an article from The Kansas City Star. It also includes a video.

Side story: Local news anchor, Michael Scott, hosted the kickoff. The weekend just before this breakfast I actually saw Michael getting out of his SUV while out and about in a trendy area of town. I honked and waved, all excited that I saw a "celebrity." I didn't hear anything, but friends traveling with me that night indicated they didn't think he shouted a nice response. After the kickoff breakfast, I of course couldn't resist approaching him and mentioning that I saw him recently. He asked, "Did you honk as you passed by?" I confirmed it was me. He was heartily humiliated and then apologized for telling me where to go.

This year's goal is a half-million dollars less than last year. That bums me a bit, but I also appreciate realistic goals. We're aiming for $38 million!


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