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Just A Quickie

George W. made a quick visit through Kansas City Friday. I had scheduled the day off (before I knew of the visit), planning on going out of town for OSU football. I ended up staying at home the entire day, mostly working, but I also mowed. As a result of being home, I caught news coverage of the visit that I would not have seen if I had been at the gig.

The event he attended was a private affair. A fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Jim Talent who is facing a tight re-election race. An estimated $600,000 or so was raised, according to news outlets. Mr. Bush was in and out of town within just a few hours. I live between Kansas City's downtown and the airport. I bet he thought of me as he passed by my home.

In an effort to provide equal time I mention again that Mr. Talent's Democratic opponent is Claire McCaskill. I saw on the news that Bill Clinton was scheduled to host an event for Ms. McCaskill in St. Louis on Saturday.

The fundraiser for Mr. Talent took place in the home of Scott Ward in a super-nice Kansas City neighborhood just barely on this Missouri side of the state line. Mr. Ward is co-president of Russell Stover Candies. He's a longtime Republican supporter. I saw on the news that although the event was very exclusive and private at $1,000 a person, nearby Mr. Ward's home were 300 or more protesters.

MegMacB tells me she got caught in the motorcade road blocks. She of course whipped out the camera and snapped a few pics to record the event. Mostly of people frustrated that they couldn't get where they were going. I'll try to steal a pic if she posts them on her blog.

I wish I would have been out and about and could have witnessed the event. That night on tv I did see the wife of someone I work with/for interviewed by one of the local news stations. I need to schedule my days off better so that I am a participant and not a news watcher. Next time.


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