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The Natural Way

Recently read about an interesting Relay for Life that took place at a nudist resort in Florida. It's pretty cool that these folks decided to have this event in order to help raise funds to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Special activities at the relay reportedly included a topless kissing booth, topless women painting their chest with fabric paint and then blotting them onto t-shirts that were sold, and naked runners. It was all part of their Relay for Life. The benevolence of these folks should not go without notice. Agreed?

Pic from nakedcowboy.com-peforming in New York CitySpeaking of nakedness, I thought I should clear up something. Just in case.

Naked Cowboy is not this Cowboy, yours truly.

Naked Cowboy is a street performer in Times Square. He strums his instrument, um, guitar, wearing boots, a hat and tightie whities. The buffed-up dude evidently is a tourist favorite. And for a buck or two, stuffed into his cowboy boots, you too can pose for a pic with him next time you visit New York City's Times Square.

The big news is that Naked Cowboy's debut album is now available. I haven't checked out the tracks on the album, but I bet it includes all the regular cowboy favorites. As news of his album hit all the media outlets, I was worried that some of you cats might be wondering if it is this Cowboy singing in Times Square with perky nipples on a cold day. Have no fear, you each will personally know when I decide to don my debut album, or for that matter, sing naked in Times Square or anywhere else.


At September 13, 2006 11:37 PM, Blogger amy said...

i'll bet naked cowboy gets cold in those new york winters! lol! if i have nightmares tonight, i'm totally blaming you, not-so-naked cowboy!

At September 17, 2006 12:40 AM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

I read he stands over the street vents and stuff to keep warm. But, geez, those New York winds I'd think would still get a little nippy. I've never seen him anytime I've been to New York. What a riot, though. Everyone has to have a gimmick, huh?


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