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Blue Ribbon Effort

O shows off her 4-H ProjectIt's been reported to Uncle Cowboy that O is taking a liking to designing stuff. On a recent Disney World visit, while waiting in line for rides and other events, The Wife says O "burned through" The Artist's sketchbook making all kinds of fashion designs. She was drawing like mad. A first-grade genius!

The Wife says O recently journeyed with her dad, The Artist, to the fabric store. There, she picked out her material and buttons for a special creation. The final product was to be entered in the County Fair 4-H competition.

The Artist assisted O by cutting out the pattern. (By sight, of course. He is The Artist.) He then put the material out for O to sew. She sewed on the line that The Artist drew. O used her great-grandmother's sewing machine, given to the family this past July.

O sewed everything, and Grandma JMc helped to guide her on the button holes. The Wife says it was "pretty impressive to watch O feed the material and run the pedal all at the same time." I bet it was since O is not overly blessed in the stature department.

O actually is a "Cloverbud" member since she is too young to officially be in 4-H. Cloverbuds only receive participation ribbons for each fair entry. However, her workmanship was impressive enough that the judges decided to award an additional blue ribbon. Needless to say, I'm told everyone was very proud.


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What a neat story!


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