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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Bright Shines Your Name

Pistol Pete waves to the fight song after a touchdown against KUAfter the trip to Houston and watching my Cowboys allow the bad guys to run up 30-plus points against us, I left that game wondering if the Pokes could even come close to winning one game against Big 12 Conference foes. I was fearful as I imagined what Texas and OU would do to us.

Made the 30-mile or so trek across the state line to Lawrence, Kansas yesterday. My OSU Cowboys took on those red and blue KU Jayhawks. According to the odds makers, we were the underdogs. After the loss the week prior to K-State (we allowed 10 points against us like in the last four minutes of the game to lose), I was halfway dreading the game.

It was a fantastic fall day. Temperature near 60 degrees, sun beaming, a few clouds, leaves changing. Plus, the KU campus is picturesque. The stadium is weirdly quiet, though. OSU brought its entire marching band. My seat was just next to them, which got me even more into the moment. I was clapping along with each song they played. When in school, I could never quite understand the antics of the band. As an alum almost 20-years out, it was entertaining and for sure kept the fans cheering on the team.

Singing the OSU Alma Mater after the win over KUThe scoreboard read 14-0 at halftime in KU's favor. I seriously thought just for a moment about calling it quits and heading out to explore Lawrence. I didn't though. KU got a 3-point field goal to increase their lead to 17. Then, the momentum shifted.

A 54-yard touchdown pass led the comeback by the team clad in orange. The successful recovery of an onside kick got the OSU crowd roaring. The day ended with five touchdown passes by our quarterback and the team compiling more than 600 yards. That is amazing. The final score, 42-32, with the good guys ahead! The team always, when home or away, joins the fans in singing the OSU Alma Mater following each win. We allowed 365 yards, though, which means UT likely will still pile up 60 points on us. But, oh well. A win over the nearby school always is good.

The focus must be on one game at a time. You never lose sight of future opponents, but you can only focus on one. Prepare for that week's contest. I like the rule of allowing a team to celebrate a win for 24 hours, then it's time to put it behind you and get ready for the next. On the flip side, can't dwell on a loss either. I actually think that in the past OSU football has allowed "emotional losses" to linger on and hamper us in the weeks that followed. Much of this game mindset likely is applicable in "the real world" too.

Eponine enjoyed college football. She always found my displays of Pistol Petes fascinating. I also think she liked orange. Plus, she was fond of when I was captive in front of the television for a 3-plus-hour period when an OSU game was on. I'm not at all known for being able to sit still for very long.

My Little Monster's memorialMy Little Monster preferred football over basketball. She'd cuddle as we watched a football game. Basketball's quicker pace, I think, lends itself to more hoopin' and hollerin'. Generally, she'd watch me and the basketball game from afar. She'd scamper away when I yelled and clapped. She loved her some Cowboy(s), though!

Several weeks back I finally ordered her gravemarker. I fully understand and relate now to stories I've heard of putting off this task as long as possible. There's a finality about it. Actually, it's more of "an acceptance." I was calm through most of the process. The folks at Rolling Acres said it would be eight weeks. They promised to call once it was installed. I think it will be sooner.

Homecoming is this weekend. It is my favorite time of each year.


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