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Dead Girl Or Live Boy

The rules of D.C. long ago were established. These rules were told to me back in the mid-80s when I was an intern. I'm sure the rules were explained two hundred years ago and explained as recently as yesterday. All other political missteps can be overcome, unless you specifically break the D.C. rules.

Never be caught with a dead girl or a live boy.

Simple and sweet. There's nothing complicated about the D.C. rules. There's truly nothing else that can ruin a political career. Well, except maybe breaking into offices and then trying to cover-up the matter and block the investigation.

Anyway. Teddy actually was never "caught" with a dead girl. Bill was never caught with a dead or live girl. Barney admitted his preference is boys. These are just a few examples. (All Democrats, I know. But this is not a political post.) Throughout all U.S. history there are many, many other situations that could be cited. There likely were rumors about George and Martha. It goes on and on, and the spectrum ranges widely and wildly.

Technology likely causes the rules to fluctuate a little as to what "caught" means. The telephone, film, Polaroids, smaller cameras, disposable cameras, digital cameras, recording devices, wire taps, DNA, Internet, camera phones, e-mails, instant messages.

I wish there were more important rules that could make a difference in D.C. That's not how it goes, though.


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