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Happy Days

When without power for days on end or when snowed in for several days, do you know what likely is the result? Everyone starts thinking that they gotta get'em some ...... babies! (If I recall correctly, that's kind of from a Toby Keith song from several years ago.)

Seriously, just a shout out to the folks in Hawaii dealing with the recent earthquake and the folks in and around Buffalo, New York who were inundated with two feet of snow. I hope all are safe and fine. I look forward to reading your blogs and learning about all your happy days and new babies.


At October 18, 2006 6:15 AM, Blogger one of us said...

Try being in the dark with 9 ratlets running and bouncing all over *sheesh* ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

PS we weren't in the dark to long though

At October 18, 2006 8:20 AM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

Very good to hear from you all. I sure did think of you and the company you keep.

Thanks for posting. Also glad to hear the ratlets provided much "entertainment" on those dark nights and days!

Take care.

At October 18, 2006 8:54 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

we didn't get snow here - but they gotted it just about 30 miles north west of us, mommy knows lots of people up there, and they just gotted their power back yesterday.

At October 18, 2006 9:35 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

Glad they got their power back on and am glad that you all escaped the madness. Most likely that means there will be no Meezer babies as a result!


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