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Yes, Jesus Loves Me

"It was just a cat."

Can that ever really sum it all up? Those are strange words to hear when used to refer to a creature that is loved and that loved.

Although more than a month late, I discovered that Ullrick passed away. His human provides a wonderful memorial, shares some random thoughts, expresses some heartache, admits how much Ullrick is missed, details some of the next steps in the journey, and decribes how much Ullrick was not just a cat. He is sorely missed.


At November 09, 2006 7:39 PM, Anonymous David E. Francis said...

It is a beautiful tribute that Curiousa wrote. Did you see the tribute that Magoo, Smudge, Bella, and Dolce wrote? That one was also very beautiful.

One fact that I got out of both: Our cats are not just cats; but, they are family members whom we deeply love and care about.


At November 09, 2006 8:21 PM, Blogger bat & bandit & holly said...

oooh, i hate it it when people say that!!! eponine was no more "just a cat" than my scruffy, and trixie, and festus, and merlin, and mouse and other countless furbabies. cats can be family, too.

At November 14, 2006 5:49 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

def-I did very much enjoy the tribute by Magoo, Smudge, Bella and Dolce. Thanks for leading me to it.

You are so very right on your second point!

b&b-Although we hate it when they say it, they won't stop them from saying it. My vote, let's be lovers and not haters!! :)


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