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Bells Are Ringing

Sexy Lady and Daphne with the S&P shakersVisited Sexy Lady, Daphne and their Army Boy this evening. I stopped by with the intention of watching OSU basketball, eating some barbecue food, and giving them a Christmas treat.

I found these crazy weiner dog salt and pepper shakers. The hole is in the rear. They're great. Daphne liked them. She tried to lick them once. Plus, MMcB made a super fantastic little Christmas ornament featuring Daphne. (Note: I likely should have kept it since SL and AB had two trees up, both without a single ornament.)

The girls with the boyYou might notice ... there's something on the ring finger of Sexy Lady's left hand. Army Boy proposed! He's taking her off the market. I pointed out that like a rare painting, demand only increases when everyone realizes that it's no longer available. I'll let you know when their eHarmony success story ad is available.

This evening I also saw Bodie. His human is Sexy Lady's former roomie, Joy. He's staying with Daphne and gang while Joy finishes school and is living with folks who are not overly fond of felines. Hard to believe those types of people exist, but they do.

I'm told that after a rough start, Daphne now is pretty good with Bodie. However, I witnessed that Daphne easily gets jealous. Especially when it comes to being in the kitchen. Bodie has warmed up enough to do his share of taunting. It's the joys of the dog/cat world. Meanwhile, the parents are planning to explore the challenges and joys of marriage. I wish them all the best!


At December 19, 2006 8:37 AM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

Oh Cowboy, you are a sweet one... thanks for posting our news! Meg, the ornament is adorable... I love it! I have ornaments I hang different places around the house... but Cowboy is correct... my trees are very "natural." Cowboy you are a dear friend and I'm so happy you will see me thru the good times now since you were always available during my down times. The S&P shakers are perfect... we love them. Thanks again for your friendship!

At December 21, 2006 1:45 AM, Blogger Justin said...

your puppy n cats are soo sweet!!
hey, merry christmas to ya all n just check this out http://all-about-my-pets.blogspot.com



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