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A Few Cans Of Corn

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Truth is, I actually doctored up the few cans of corn that I took in to the office for our potluck luncheon. It's funny how those 4-H cooking workshops from when I was 10 or 11 can come in handy eons later.

I'm not a cook. No one in their right mind would ever call me a chef. I mean, I do cook a rockin' good Red Barron frozen pizza, fat-free hot dogs or can of soup. I also am an expert microwaver. That's the extent of my cooking resume. Thank goodness I watched tv Thanksgiving morning and was mesmerized by the "carving your turkey" tips. I never would have guessed that later that day I would have to step up to that challenge.

In any case, my co-workers gave my few cans of corn many rave reviews! I even thought the creation was pretty good. A second helping by all was enjoyed.


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