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In Memory Of Readmore Books

While in college, I worked a year in the campus library. The Edmon Low Library. The main task at the central circulation desk was checking in and out books, but that led to filing the little check-out cards. We did that utilizing the Dewey Decimal System.

We had these wooden tubs full of little, yellowish, index-type cards that fit into a sleeve in each book. Student employees had to verify signatures and student ID numbers and then appropriately file each card. Out of the more than 1 million books, any could easily be found according to its number. "Oh, that's in the 800s on the third floor northeast" or whatever the case may be.

Those tubs were locked up each night. Essentially, if you lost that card or misfiled it, the book was forever lost. I'm sure it's all done electronically now.

Because of that employment, a portion of my annual donation to OSU is designated to the library.

Earlier in December, the Spencer, Iowa library lost a beloved co-worker and friend named Dewey Readmore Books. After 19 years, a stomach tumor was blamed for his failing health.

Dewey evidently had worldwide fame. You may have even heard of him. And he didn't just roam the shelves. Dewey had specific job duties. I have a feeling he likely even tried to file some of those cards or maybe even hopped up on the counter a few times.

In January of 1988, he was found in a book drop. According to the Sioux City Journal, it was a very cold morning when the "very small, very chilly yellow kitten" was found under a pile of books. The newspaper quoted the librarian that found him: "His paws were frozen. We warmed him up and fed him and he just purred and cuddled. From day one, we felt he'd be the right personality for the public. He's always loved people and meetings."

There's lots of other details in the Sioux City paper's article (link above). It is a very good read. The library's website (second link above) has all sorts of pics and other items, including tips for other library cats. To some degree, Dewey was a blogger!

No telling how he got in that book drop. My theory is that he knew these library folks needed to be picked.


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