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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.


Got the eyballs checked. The doc says all is fine. He reduced the prescription just a bit. I'm a minus 6.25 in both eyes. This was a full exam. Everything was out of focus and my pupils dilated until well into the afternoon. I took a pic of the pupil, but then decided you all really did not need to see it. :)

Have to mention that the doctor I saw in the mall two weeks ago as I was trying to use up year-end flex spending money had the right eye still at minus 6.50. I guess that's what I get for picking No. 1 as the clearer one over No. 2. Don't know about you, but they all start looking the same after a bit.

Not certain which prescription is correct. We'll see. (hehe)

Also tried to get the oil changed and brakes checked while I was getting the do done. After getting all pretty at Supercuts, (with the frequent cutter card, it's always exciting when you finally get the free one) I went back over to the auto place and learned they hadn't had time to check the PT. I decided I needed to scoot on in to work. I figure, if the engine block freezes or I rear end someone, surely I will find sympathy. Especially with dilated eyes and the fancy new do.

My Cowboys came out the winner of a triple overtime battle Tuesday night with the University of Texas. Final score: 105-103. It was a nail biter. It felt like both teams were just refusing to lose. One to remember for sure. We still have to travel to Austin later this season. Not looking forward to that trip.

All the service stations on the travel home tonight through Raytown were at $1.89. However, the Shell near my home was at $1.93.

Kansas City is in Missouri, (Well, there's also a Kansas City in Kansas. That's a lesson for a different day.) but it is on the state line. Gas over in them parts of Kansas is about 6-cents to a dime more. Something about higher state taxes.

Army Boy's grandmother passed away Wednesday morning. I haven't heard for sure, but I'm sure he and the Sexy Lady will be returning this weekend. I hope he feels blessed he was able to see her last week.

By the way, Sexy Lady just turned 30.......or so.

Special shout out for MegMacB for any new challenges life might bring. The clouds will eventually go away.


At January 19, 2007 12:08 PM, Blogger Puggyspice said...

Glad your eye exam went okay! Although I know you have had more fun. :-) Tyler thanks you for not sharing that shot of your pupil. It would have reminded him he was hungry.

Happy belated B-day to Sexy Lady!!!!

At February 05, 2007 11:02 AM, Blogger Les Trois Chats said...

-6.25 -- me too! Actually, my left eye is only -6.00, lol. But hey, blind is blind. I tend to nick door jambs without my contacts in or glasses on.
~ tammara


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