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The Road Traveled

I track my weekly mileage driven. For 2006, I drove 19,936.3 miles. It represents mostly work, but also many outings, events, dinners, times laughing, and other activities.

For the 368 days (I started tracking on Dec. 28, 2005), I averaged 54.17 miles driven each day. Some weeks the average is around 67 or 68 miles a day, while other weeks it is around 25 miles. Weekend galavanting usually was the determination.

Although not exactly a science because I didn't track cost of gasoline per gallon and how many miles the car gets per gallon, I likely spent well over $2,100 in gas this year.

Not complaining or bragging. Just stating an observation.


At January 07, 2007 10:08 PM, Blogger William said...

Wow! My mom doesn't get around much, apparently. She bought a new car in July (first time ever) and STILL it's shy of 2,000 miles!

Well, we do live close to where she hunts. And Lowe's is very close too.


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