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Tough Dogs

There's some kind of new filter thingamabob at work that blocks websites or limits the amount of time that can be spent on certain sites. Probably some crazy add-on feature that a vendor convinced an IT manager to purchase.

kcur.org (the local National Public Radio station) is one of the sites blocked. Can still access the country stations, soft adult contemporary and rock station, but not the local NPR site. And thankfully, ESPN.com, CNN and "The New York Times" can still be accessed.

It'll be rough for this NPR news junkie, but I'm tough. I can get to npr.org. Just no local news. I might bring a radio to work.

NPR's Ketzel Levine did a story last week about dogs with outerwear. She says she's never before observed so many dogs wearing coats and boots. Attire for canines is a fast-growing trend.

Here's a link to her story. She provides details on what to watch for and gives tips on what might determine if your dog needs to wear a coat. She gives real examples about her dogs, Starlet and Zoe Mae. The report that aired included an interview with Ketzel's vet.

She notes, some of the toughest dogs out there, wear coats.


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