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Visitors On Cold Days

Charlie and DaphneThe wintry blast in Kansas City wasn't as bad as predicted, but nonetheless, I decided not to drive around in it. Didn't venture away from the home for much of Saturday, not at all Sunday and decided not to make the 25-mile trek to the cubicle this morning. It was snowing at the time. Now, the sun is shining and the sky is clear.

Well, Charlie already was visiting. A family emergency required Sexy Lady and her Army Boy to take off to Oklahoma. That meant Daphne had to shake her tail on over to this Cowboy's. Canceled Southwest flights kept her folks away longer, but no one seemed to mind.

At first, I was cautious. Just didn't know how they would relate to each other. And just like that, they magically connected. There was no grooming of the other or stuff like that. Some neutical sniffing, but no other affection. They were kind of like distant cousins. Glad to see each other, but not overly loving. I'm happy to report that there was no humping. Not even of the Cowboy.Enjoying a walk through the 'hoodOverall, they seemed to enjoy each other's company. They chased each other and played some. They ran around the yard and barked. They had a mutual fascination with deer. Both also went out of control each time their leashes were in hand. Both know how to sit, beg for treats, and are obedient. Charlie has his obsession with the red ball, while Daphne has no desire at all to play with toys. She seemed entertained by him.

The sleet and snow didn't bother them. I did notice a slight look of panic in their eyes when they saw the treat bag getting a little slim, though. I think they were hoping I'd make a treat purchase soon. If we were snow bound and had run out, I have a feeling the two would have plotted to get into the drawer with the Fritos and Pringles.

Daph's folks made it, albeit on standby, back today. The MMcB and Mom called from Atlanta about an hour or so ago. If all goes well, they'll be on Kansas City soil later today.


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