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High Anxiety

For whatever reason, fluctuating gas prices catch my attention. As a single dude who travels and eats out a bunch, I don't notice when things like milk, bread or other stuff are more expensive. However, I sure notice when prices are higher at any one of my favorite breakfast places, Mexican restaurant or Chipotle. I also notice higher prices on coffee beans. And gasoline prices.

Funny, years ago I was a business writer and covered market trends on fruits and vegetables. Like tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and kumquats. Crazy. That seems like a zillion years ago.

A buck eighty was the lowest I saw just a week or so ago. Recently prices were mostly $1.89 to $1.93. Tuesday, everything was $2.05.

I remember the first time that I saw gas prices rise to $2.05. Hurricane Katrina slowly was approaching, with expected landfall the next day. When I left for work everything was around $1.93. That night, with Katrina near, even my nearby Shell was at $2.05. I zoomed about a mile down the road to the 7-11 and filled up at $1.97.

Today, seeing prices over $2 barely even shows up on most of our radar screens. Just like that, we are desensitized. We know prices could go higher. I hope not.

I think it's always the unknown that leaves folks unsettled. How high will prices go before we will see them lower again? Will they ever get "back to normal?" Wondering what will happen tomorrow always leaves me a little shaky. Eventually, though, things become normal. One day, one moment, one instant at a time.


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