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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Just Curious

What are your thoughts on the Dixie Chicks and their song "Not Ready To Make Nice"? This likely is an old and tired subject, but I am curious what you think. Were you surprised they won so many Grammy awards? Do you think Grammy voters were making a political statement or was it really the best song/record/album of the year? Do you like the song?

While on the Grammy subject, I was pleased to see Carrie Underwood honored as "Best New Artist." That's cool for an Oklahoma small-town girl, American Idol winner. She's really had an incredible few years. I hope she continues to have much success and a long career.

While on the AI subject, wasn't overly impressed with any of the 12 guys performing on American Idol Tuesday night. All seem like good guys, but none really wowed me. I watched the show while working, sitting in my hotel room, eating a salad from McDonald's. I bet the ladies will up the ante Wednesday night.


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