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Let It Snow!

Everyone has their ideas of what is a perfect day. Today was one.

After tossing and turning and having a hard time falling to sleep, the 6 a.m. alarm came too soon. It only took two snooze-button slams before I was out of bed taking care of the morning duties. Even read a few headlines in my complimentary copy of USAToday. Was walking down "I" Street and on my way to the conference hotel with time to spare before the 8 a.m. ET start. Felt all smart wearing the suit I purchased while in San Antonio. Wore an orange tie.

Lunch included an order of gnocchi served at a nice Italian restaurant. While dining, I wrote several postcards to friends and family. It was beautiful in D.C., with temperatures in the 50s. Still much snow piled on the ground, but it was pleasant and sunny. It felt good.

Meetings were interesting and non-yawners. Much happenin. Much to learn, much to decipher, much to master, much to share. An introduction for one speaker included "Appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger." There's something funny in that statement.

Speakers often refer to the "gorilla in the room." Usually I hear 600 pounds, but one person today said 1,000 pounds. Funny that no one ever talks about the mouse in the room. Seriously. In this fancy D.C. hotel, a little mouse scurried right by and ran under the head stage. A few folks yelped. The lady next to me kept her feet up on her chair through the rest of the session. Occasionally, we could see him under there. I swear he smiled.

The rest of the meetings went well, ending with a nice happy hour and some very good lettuce, chicken and avocado wraps. I had more than my share.

Stopped by Macy's (formerly Hecht's) on 12th. Was asked three times by folks if I was an employee. Funny thing, the sales associates were visible, friendly, quickly greeted me and were helpful. Picked up two new ties and then scurried by Cafe Mozart for some sweets. This place is to-die-for good. You have to visit if in D.C. It's on H Street NW. Not far from Metro Center or McPherson Square Metro stops.

Just writing about it and I want to run over and get another cookie. Thank goodness Idol is on and capturing all my attention.

Zuleme recently noted how much she and her little monsters love snow days. A snow-covered day is perfect for them. Covers everthing and makes it new. Craig Wilson must somehow be a close relative of their's. His "Final Word" column in Wednesday's USAToday describes his perfect day.

Hope your day was fantastic!


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