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Mind Reader

Recently purchased a little hand-held game called 20Q. Took it on the flight. In between reading things for work, this game helped make the travel time pass by very quickly.

To play, you think about something. Then, the device asks you questions. After 20 questions, it takes a stab at guessing what you are thinking. It's uncanny how accurate it is, or close. But its misses are pretty darn funny too.

In honor of my favorite lawyer, MegMacB, and other lawyers near and dear, I focused on some legal topics for a portion of my flight. Below are my thoughts and then what it guessed, followed by its second guess after 25 questions.

Lawyer - race car, celebrity
Lawyer - (2nd try) waterfall, angel
Brief - receipt, diploma
Deposition - war, exam
Trial - smile, e-mail
Judge - elevator, UFO
Court room - lighthouse, pyramid

I also tried flight attendant. The resulting guess was Smurf.

Click here to go to the 20Q website and to learn more about this simple but fun toy. I bought mine at Walgreens.


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