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Mud Slinging

Kansas City's primary election for mayor is Tuesday, February 27. A two-term, fairly popular mayor is not able to run again because of term limits. She's been a decent mayor. Lots of development, advancements and "improvements." Also lots of debt, promises that people/tourists really will support things, and that the resurgence of downtown is just around the corner.

The field is wide open this year. There are 14 candidates. Five different times today I answered the home phone and was greeted by a wonderful auto-dial campaign message. Always so nice to receive.

Checking my mail after being gone for several days, the box was stuffed full with a dozen or more campaign fliers. Interesting, two were negative pieces on why I should not vote for Mark Funkhouser. He's the only candidate at which I've seen folks slinging mud.

Talk on Sunday morning's political show on the local PBS station indicated that Mr. Funkhouser, Alvin Brooks and one other person that I can't remember were the only candidates not slinging mud.

Hmmm? For whom should I vote? One thing I learned back in junior high, the "smeller's the feller." I'm fairly convinced the name I'll mark on my ballot is of a person who isn't pointing a finger.


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