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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Something's Afoul

Laptop is on the fritz. I'm hoping it is nothing too serious. Of course, did not purchase the extended warranty and haven't had time to call the charge-by-the-hour tech support to see what they can do to assist. Sure hope it is nothing too serious.

Other quick updates:
- Daphne had an extended stay with me while her folks both were away. Sexy Lady's dad had surgery and continues to recover, while Army Boy was abroad doing his army stuff. Daphne and I partied, walked daily, snuggled, ate treats. Loads of fun.
- Was in Tulsa the last few days for work meetings. Much to learn, much to do, much to accomplish. And will it all matter in a year or so? More on work stuff some other day.
- While in Tulsa, had a great dinner with Mom and The Niece. We went to Hideaway Pizza. The place is a Stillwater, OK original and a fave hangout for this Cowboy. They have sinced opened places in Norman, OK and in Tulsa. The fried mushrooms and Canadian bacon/pineapple pizza was out-of-sight good. The chicken pesto was too.
- Did you know the world's largest McDonald's, reportedly, is over I-44 near Vinita, OK? Also, did you know that Sonic first started in Oklahoma?
- There's a store on Memorial Avenue/Street/Drive in Tulsa called "Cowboy Petes." Everything you can possibly imagine orange or with an OSU or Pistol Pete on it. The place also has rooms/stores for OU Sooner stuff, Arkansas, U of Tulsa, Oral Roberts U, and a few others. I never got out of the orange section, though. Left with boxers, a little squeeze coin thing like my grandpa had, an outlet cover, magnet, and chap stick. All orange.
- It's VERY cold here. Snowed four to six inches while I was in Tulsa. It was 9 degrees this morning. Like around 11 or 12 degrees now. I think I'm ready for spring.
- SAK's birthday was last Saturday. Mention it here because she's a good friend.
- Received a Valentine from JMc in Oklahoma. On the cover it asked, "When do you know it's true love?" Pictured were hearts, a beet, a mule and a Mexican dude. The inside said "When two hearts beet ass Juan." It made me laugh. And the thong card from SAS. The e-mail from Miriam was extra nice. While MegMacB sent me one about old ladies in Tulsa being abducted by aliens. It's making me laugh just thinking about it.
- Happy Valentine's Day (a day late, sorry) to all!!


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