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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

A Tad Overwhelmed

Seems like there is much happening. The to-do list at work goes on and on and the stuff for me is piling up. A check mark here and there shows up as something gets done, but they remain few.

Create a page, write a summary, attend a meeting, get an oil change, get the do done, work on taxes, get my evaluation, start a mentoring program, fly to D.C., write another summary, update everyone about everything, get the laptop fixed, vacuum, pay bills, read a 1,200-page document ... you get the picture.

Some other random thoughts:
- Gas was $2.03 Monday morning but was $2.12-2.15 by Monday night.
- Went to lunch on Monday with a co-worker, aka Lurker, at Applebee's in Raytown. It was a business lunch. We had a great discussion. The walnut apple salad was tasty too. Small world, our server was someone I interviewed and almost hired for a job about eight years ago.
- My OSU Cowboys are on a downward spiral. From being ranked in the top ten earlier this season to no longer even being ranked now, it's a sad decline. I hope the team pulls it together, wins the majority of the last five conference games and gets a decent seed in the NCAA's.
- Still haven't had time to get the laptop fixed. Have a loaner now. Scared I'm going to lose many digital pics. Stop reading right now and take a moment to back up everything saved on your computer.
- Was switching out the wreath by the front door at home and discovered a bird relaxing. I felt guilty and decided to leave it be for now. That St. Patrick's Day decoration will have to wait.
- Took the cover off the daffodils this morning. They've been covered for many weeks. To my surprise, they are peeking. An inch or more out of the ground. I can't wait for them to bloom.
- It was around 57 degrees Monday. Heard it could be around 70 on Friday. Maybe I'll return home to all the snow melted.


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