Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Two More Pics

Washington MonumentIncluding some action shots. They were taken while the photographer was in action, riding in the backseat of a cab to Reagan National Airport. I can go to D.C. over and over, but each time I find the sites fascinating. It is the "Oklahoma small-town kid" that permanently resides in me.

Jefferson MemorialConsistently, D.C. cab drivers are courteous, helpful and willing to point out sites of interest. They also love to honk. Which I appreciate in my own way. Back home, I always get huge, mean, horrid stares from suburbanites when I honk. Like I'm being the rude one. Geez, they're the ones holding me up!

Simply put, cars should move forward when a light turns green. More important, turn if you're going to turn. Especially in the suburbs. It's like they can't decide if they want to go to that Target/Lowe's/spa/McDonald's/Starbucks or the other one a mile down the road.

Two bits of advice: Keep moving, merge later. Lead, follow or get out of the way. Otherwise, you might hear a honk. If it's me honking, be sure to wave in return. :)


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