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Get With The Funk

Voting is very exciting. I think. I it is our right and something we should never let pass us by. I voted last week in Kansas City's primary elections for mayor and city council. I even tried to research the candidates as much as I could. Proudly donned my "I Voted Today" sticker all the day long. While I was there, I was the only person voting at my polling location.

Erred in a previous post. We had 12 mayoral candidates, when I had said we had 14. The top two vote getters each received about 25 percent of the vote. Everyone else was in the single digits. I wondered if those statistics hold true for the American Idol contestants as well. If just a few are dominating and the rest bring up the pack? Of course, there's about 100 times more people voting for American Idol than there are voting for Kansas City's mayor. Stuff to ponder.

Someday, I think I might run for our city's council. I've been saying that for years, though. Just like I keep saying I'm going to excercise, lose weight, get picked by a new beast, adopt, save money, finish painting the dining room .... :)

Mark Funkhouser was one of the top vote getters in the mayor's race and moves on to the final election. A little dog named Maria provided him her endorsement. Check out her video on Mr. Funkhouser's website. I predict we'll see more and more candidates in ads that feature their little monsters. Bet on it!


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