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It's A Sweet Ride

The Artist, The Wife, O & M arrived Friday night. I was excited about their visit. They can't come by to see me enough. The girls hit the road Saturday morning, while The Artist and I were left to our manly ways to explore Kansas City.

The day included hooking up with LLYNNT. The plan was to see a movie, but we ended up enjoying a late lunch in Parkville, going into the city to check out a home she is considering, running by to see BET and her mister and other galavanting.

While heading north to take LLYNNT back to her car, she queried when was the last time I had the front end of the car checked. I'll admit, I was driving along hoping no one else was having the driving experience I was having. My ears were popping and the car felt like it was pounding. I noticed it some while driving to and from Oklahoma City but just haven't had time. Long story short, one tire was shot and the others were in fairly poor shape.

Splurge purchase on Sunday -- four new tires. I'm back to smooth sailing! It's a HUGE difference. It's by far a sweet ride.

Tires Plus on Vivion was my store of choice. They were very helpful. It's easy to feel uncomfortable in these situations, but these folks kept me cool and calm. I did not feel like I was being taken advantage of. I felt confident in their expertise and recommendations, and I felt like I was getting high-quality tires that were affordable. And they were prompt and appeared efficient. The tech even made himself available for questions. I am certain I will return.


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