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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

What A Difference A Week Makes

Here's a recap of a Saturday, a week later:
6:15 - turn off alarm and decide to sleep in a little.
8:30 - get out of bed, search through cabinets for coffee.
9:15 - cupboards were bare; run to buy cup of coffee.
9:40 - do laundry, sort through stuff at home, work a little.
10:15 - make three biscuits (the ones that come like a dozen in a bag).
10:35 - eat biscuits with orange marmalade.
11 - read last Sunday's paper.
12:30 - watch OSU Cowboys lose again.
2:45 - greet Daphne for an overnight stay while her folks go to Columbia.
3 - watch more college basketball on television.
4 - grab Daphne and decide to take a nap.
6:15 - wake up from nap, hang out in backyard with Daph for a minute.
6:30 - chill, watch more tv.
7:15 - warm up a can of soup, give Daphne more treats, watch tv.
9:30 - watch early news.
10 - watch more news.
10:30 - watch beginning of a repeat of Saturday Night Live.
11 - go to sleep cuddling Daphne.

There probably was more stuff than just this, but it is all I can remember. The point - it was a wonderfully relaxing, incredibly lazy, boring day. Just what the doctor likely would have ordered.


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