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Another Reason To Exercise

I have got to go on a diet. Plus do some serious exercising. I was concerned when I reached baby elephant weight, then it moved on to adult elephant weight. Now it's more like rhino or maybe even whale weight.

OK. I admit that I am not "obese." But, no clothes from even just a year ago summer fit. Just a little too snug in the midsection (belly through thighs). That's girth, folks.

Had to run by Men's Wearhouse Saturday to get the measurements done. Sexy Lady and Army Boy's wedding is in just two weeks. I'm in the wedding and get to don the fancy duds. I made the measurement dude promise me he'd share no results, but I did still see the extra-large numbers on my receipt. At least I got to see a car with an Oklahoma State sticker in the parking lot. I smiled at that. They're not that common in Kansas City.

Providing more motivation for this occasional traveler is the TSA's new security program. It scans and checks out people under their clothing. That's right. It makes a scan of you naked. It's currently only at the Phoenix airport, but the goal is to introduce it next at JFK and LAX.

Although usually not that shy, but at whale weight I just might blush. I wonder if we can keep our shoes on.

When I left the Men's Wearhouse I didn't blush but almost felt I needed a cigarette (I don't smoke, by the way). Those sales folks sure like to touch and feel you. I'm told it is called "customer service." Besides feeling me up, the sales person did inform me that with my hips and "muscular quads," I should stick to double pleats.


At May 08, 2007 9:55 AM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

You will always be my Sexy Man... regardless of the "girth!!!" I'm positive you will look dashing as ever in your tux!!! We are so excited to have you speak at the wedding!!

At May 08, 2007 12:12 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

Cowboy, I will send you my diet kibble. It might help. Mommy goes to that "watch your weight" place wif the meetings (alfough she doesn't go to meetings efurry week) and it has been furry good for her - she has losted a whole one of ME (almost 17 lbs!!). - Miles


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