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Big Fish

A headline in my college newspaper caught my eye. Saw it while checking online to find other stuff. It is a story about a dude that caught a fish from the campus pond.

In my years as a student and all my years visiting as an alum, I don't think I've ever seen anyone fishing at Theta Pond. Lots of romantic couples, photo posing, and bread crumbs for ducks and geese, but no fishing. Then this guy goes off and catches this fish. Click the link above to see the details. One thing for sure, he will long have a story to share.

Sadly, so will the students, faculty and others that were on campus Monday at Virginia Tech. Probably like most others, I couldn't believe it when I heard there was a shooting with one death. Then I saw a headline that said 12 deaths ... 19 ... 22 ... over 30. Shocking and very sad.

Why do things like this happen? We likely will never know or understand. I just pray the folks in Blacksburg can find solace and comfort and that family and friends are comforted and calmed. I also hope we all learn and work even harder to do what we can to prevent.


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