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Roman Wonders

Meant to post this info week's ago and never got around to it. It's an article written by Mim Swartz about a "Cat Lovers Tour in Italy."

She starts her story telling us about Marco. He guards a hospital. Evidently, according to Mim, the Venetians are very fond of the gatti, and that's not a U.S. mob family. Also, I learned that Italy passed a law in 1991 making it illegal to kill healthy stray cats and dogs.

There's information about cemetery cats. That's prevalent in France too. I'm guessing because so many European cities are so much older than U.S. cities, the cemeteries in many cases are part of the neighborhood. I remember we had to walk through cemeteries while strolling through parts of Paris or other French cities. Those cemeteries also are sanctuaries for many little monsters.

I love the great recap of the story about "just a cat." The link is provided in the first sentence of this post. Check it out. Let me know if you decide to go on one of the tours. By the way, I saw the story in The Kansas City Star, but found it online on a blog from the UK.


At April 20, 2007 9:51 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

i would just get a one way ticket to Venice and have a very very very long vacation there! - Meezer Mom Mary

At April 21, 2007 11:28 PM, Blogger One of us said...

Mom says to tell you to read Waiting for Gertrude. a wonderful story about the cats in that famous french graveyard. Hmmmmm, well maybe we can get cats honored more in America like in Italy. They haf a day of the cat we haf heard ~poiland tribe


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