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3/4 Away

When the U.S. State Quarters were first introduced in 1999 I remember thinking that I'd be in a nursing home when the Oklahoma quarter would be revealed. With 2007 halfway over and having just inserted Montana's and Washington's quarters in the handy-dandy quarter board, I now realize that there's just three more quarters to go. Oklahoma's is just around the corner!

The 46th state to join the Union, Oklahoma's quarter will be the first revealed in 2008. I was certain it would have the image of the state on it, but it doesn't. It's interesting which states have their image and which states selected something else. Oklahoma has a bird.By the way, throughout 2007 Oklahoma is celebrating its centennial. Statehood day is in November, when the state proudly turns 100. Of course, the state's history goes well beyond 100 years. That's just when it got a star on the U.S. flag. And is now eligible for a quarter.

Who came afterward, you ask? New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.

I haven't gotten into the Presidential dollars, but I intend to. From what I hear, you have to go to the bank to get those.


At May 31, 2007 9:59 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

I still don't have the Montana quarter. they seem to come late here. I do, however, have about eleventy squillion NY quarters. - Meezer Mom Mary


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