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Love Keeps Us Together

Caught the tail end of American Idol Wednesday night. I was a bit surprised at how old Barry Gibb looked. Surely he's not that old. Maybe life is just aging him faster than normal.

Back in the day I thought it would be cool to have talented brothers who would want to travel and sing with me. My fantasy included me as the lead singer. Would it be any other way?

On the "Celebrating a birthday today" segue on NPR the other morning, I am certain I heard them say that Toni Tennille turned 67. There is no possible way that is correct. Is it?

I kind of had a crush on her. It was during those years that she was on "Love Boat." It was a pretty serious crush. Even just a few years ago I went to a 40th birthday party that required everyone to arrive in costume dressed as a musical act of the last four decades. I was The Captain while I proudly held on to my date very sharply dressed as Toni Tennille. She can do it to me one time, because I don't think I'll ever stop loving her. Even if she's an old hag.:)

As for unique sounds, I'm impressed with Blake's beatboxing on American Idol. Although I don't have a crush on him, I just might have to get inspired and call in to vote next week.

By the way, Melinda's claiming Tennessee as home. That is home only after she attended Belmont University. She's from Tulsa. I promise you. One of her childhood pics shown Wednesday night was from in front of a building on the Oral Roberts University campus. She's an Okie alright.


At May 10, 2007 8:54 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

Mommy is so sad that KiKi gotted kicked off AI. This season's conestents really truly seem to care about each ofurr. Oh, and did you get a chance to listen to Barry Gibb talk? Mommy SWEARS he sounds like he's doing a bad impresshun of Sean Connery. She wonders why his mouf doesn't move when he talks.

Go MindyDoo!!!!


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