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Bloody Gory Mess

When I first saw the swords, I anticipated a massacre. It stirred a mad dash to the bar to grab several additional glasses of champagne. If they came at me, my plan was to throw it in their eyes. If the aim wasn't me, I'd just drink away and watch as the blood hit the floor and splattered the walls.

I thought military dudes were only fighters. Evidently they are also lovers.

It was the beautiful and very nice wedding of Sexy Lady and Army Boy. They told (warned) me about an "Arch of Swords." Until I actually saw the weapons of choice, I still wasn't quite prepared. Researching the ritual post-wedding, I read that the sword fighters are supposed to give the bride a swat as she passes them. I didn't see this part of the tradition performed. Maybe I just missed it.

Anyway. It really was a special touch to their perfect day.

This Cowboy had the honor of speaking. Recapping the couple's journey was the task (they met on eHarmony). At a few points the crowd was rolling in laughter. At other times I saw a tear or two. Grading myself, it was a B effort. My timing was slightly off. Regardless, it was a thrill to share their wedding day and to have a part in the ceremony.

I also did a halfway decent job designing their wedding programs. I enjoyed that. As a thank you, the newlyweds surprised me with a shiny and spiffy bracelet. It's manly looking, I promise. Stainless steel and cool.

A special item of note, both sets of parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversaries this summer. That's amazing! Of course, SL and AB will have to live until they're almost 80 to accomplish the same feat. :) My prediction is that they will make wonderful music together for many years to come!


At June 21, 2007 9:12 AM, Anonymous Sexy Lady & Army Boy said...

It was most definitely an "A+" for effort!!! You rocked! We loved your talk and so did all the guests! As always, you were very clever!! The wedding programs were beautiful--anyone needing a creative wedding program designed should contact you for sure! And FYI, they did spank my bottom with the sword... I had kind of forgotten about that part myself and was a little shocked when it happened! ha! We are so happy that you were able to share our special day with us. Thank you.


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