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Skaters Unite!

Growing up I was a roller-skating fool. I loved going to that skate place in Owasso and it was a real treat when one of the local churches took a bus load of us to Tulsa for an after-school skate party.

Skating backward was on my list of skills. It meant getting to hold a girl's hands while skating backward and admiringly smiling at each other. All that while listening to Olivia Newton John or "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb.

I bet the ultra-conservatives have banned many songs at those church skates now. Back then there were churches that made boys sit on one side of the bus and girls the other, while a different church allowed a free for all. In any case, skaters like me knew the date of every church's skate party. We were skating hos.

Mom purchased a set of skates for me at a garage sale. They weren't in great shape, but I liked them. I'm sure people often had something to say about the kid skating about the neighborhood. I never had any friends skating with me. However, I never was sad about it. I was having too much fun.

About 29, I became an avid Rollerblader, um, inline skater. Kansas City's Downtown Airport was my regular route. I'd skate around it three or four times. After signs went up banning skating, the river front park or the Liberty Memorial drive became my skating routes of choice. Flat, safe, enjoyable. Eventually skating or any kind of exercising became a non-priority.

Not too long ago took the skates to work and decided to go for a spin on our long office drive. Mostly glided as there are many inclines and declines. Couldn't stop and smashed into the security gate. The force generated by my mass in motion left the gate ajar. Maintenance had to be called to fix it. Maybe I'll try skating again in a few more years.

While in Lincoln not too long ago I snapped a pic of the USA Roller Skating Confederation. It is the home of the Roller Skating Museum. I must plan a return visit to Lincoln just to check out the place.


At June 20, 2007 8:32 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

i also used to love love love roller skating when i was a kid. we had skating parties at our elementary school almost every month. I stopped after my senior trip to fla. in high school - no places to skate in NJ where we had moved to. I decided about a year ago to go to the local skating rink on "adult night". it was really really really NOT a good idea. I think i will just have my fond memories of skating and leave it at that!- Meezer Mom Mary

BTW - sorry, I had to laugh about crashing into the gate.


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